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John Morris Enterprises (JME) was established 25 years ago in 1997.  The multi-media conglomerate is named for its founder John Morris.  John got his start in the automobile business back when he was a teenager washing cars for dealerships.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Morris started to quickly climb the ladder.  He excelled from being a sales associate, to being a sales manager, to becoming the general manager to, ultimately, emerging as the President of the largest Honda dealership in the Baltimore area.


After achieving his goals in the automobile sales business, he began his own advertising agency, aptly named John Morris Enterprises.  Then, JME concentrated its advertising solely on what John knew inside and out; the auto industry.  Since then Mr. Morris has taken JME to new heights and in every direction.


John Morris has created several ancillary products to cover just about every angle in advertising for the auto industry, and also its blossoming expansion into the mortgage arena.  He went on to create Final Finish; an ultimate interior and exterior automobile surface protecting line of after-market products (  His latest endeavor, InTouch Premier Marketing, is an Inbound/Outbound call center to assist you with your call taking, appointment making, outreach to new customers and more! (




















In the course of building his conglomerate, John managed to adopt and create the American Indoor Football Association, now called (AIF) American Indoor Football.  The league has widely acclaimed much success since its inaugural season.  Each team has received an incredible amount of overwhelming support from their community and their fans across the country.  Please go to for more information.  Through this league, he also plans to expand the advertising territories of his dealers and brokers to incur greater profits and customer relationships for their dealerships and brokerage firms.


Today, JME's customer base reaches all over the country and is an aggressively growing, cutting edge advertising company.  JME uses marketing methods such as direct mail, telemarketing, newspapers, magazines, and direct response campaigns.  With unmatched speed-to-market, JME can become your professional sales partner, mobilizing sales in new markets or where there is no existing sales presence - in virtually any region of the globe.  JME is able to assist your business in reaching new customers and acquiring new accounts while strengthening current customer relationships. 











 John Morris - Owner, John Morris Enterprises

“ We are a growing business and love is in the details.  We partner with you to become your inside marketing experts.  We treat your business as if it were our own.  I'd like to meet with you and your team and help you define your goals and develop customized solutions to bring in that new traffic and fresh revenue.

Let's chat​! " 

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