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Welcome to Service Discount Plus™!  Our Service Discount Plus™ (SDP) Savings Card Program is what automotive service managers across the country have found to be very effective in boosting revenue and customer relationships. 

The SDP Savings Card Program, in itself, is a remarkable tool to attract New Prospects, recapture those Lost Customers and to maintain the loyal customers you presently service.  You can track your advertising response, on what particular service, as well as how well your advisors are working for you!  This program will supply you with all the answers you're looking for in managing your department with the stroke of a key!

With your secure login information you may view your precise Response Reports, in user-friendly fashion, to provide you with all your transactions on the program, customer data that can be used for future marketing campaigns, employee performance, AND MORE!  Just make sure you enter all of your savings card transactions then just watch your department's revenue grow!  Highest Return on Investment in the industry!

Savings Card Program











Perry Hutter - Service Director, Freehold Ford

"Starting out I was slightly skeptical about how this program would work.  But just in the first few weeks of the program, we have generated over $33,000 in lost customer revenue PLUS almost half of the checks we have received in at this point have been customers who have never been into my store.  It really has worked!  I am very impressed!"


Al Garcia - Service Director, Koons Automotive Group

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