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Our program targets Lost Customers who haven’t been in for service for some time, New Prospects, and if requested, Current Customers.  We want those Customers coming back to you again and again.  

Another option is to utilize our Auto Owner VIN Verification list option.  Our database resource includes more than 200 million records and is the largest available auto owner database.  Our program works to attract those New Prospects who own your make but have never been into your dealership before.  Once we lead them to your door, your experience and customer service will keep them there.

Our automobile ownership records are updated bi-monthly from numerous auto dealers, insurance companies, warranty and service provider data sources.  As a result, our Auto Owner VIN Verification database service is not subject to the same restrictions that apply to obtaining DMV data.  We will cleanse your customer database to yield only fresh prospects for you. 


Believe me, we know what we are doing.  This ain't our first rodeo.  Just one mailing will prove to you how strong our cleansing and targeting processes work for you.  You'll be amazed at all the fresh traffic and incredible revenue this will drive into your department!  EVERY TIME!


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